Month: December 2014

WW II Homecoming Song

The “WWII Homecoming Song” sprang to life one afternoon during a songwriting workshop with more than 30 elders and their loved ones and care partners at the Dungeness Courte Memory Care community in Sequim, WA. When four veterans of World War II shared their stories of service in the Marines, the group began to compose a stirring anthem both from the perspective of the veterans returning home and the families who greeted them.

The song tells of the bond between twin brothers who served in and survived the War together. They lived close to one another for the rest of their lives until dementia and the need for care separated them by 2,500 miles. 

Six months after the song project, the daughter of one of the brothers wrote to SW to say that her family had gained new insight into their father’s needs by songwriting with him. They were able to hear and more clearly see his unspoken love for his twin brother and his need to be with him. As a result, the family reunited the twins. They had most of a year together while both were still alive. 

“It was very difficult for me to let go and return my Dad to Ohio. Other than serving during WWII, he has never lived anywhere else. As you know from the song, he and his twin served together…the longest time they were apart was while he lived with me in Washington (state).

My Dad’s twin does not have dementia and missed being with (him)…When Dad opened up to help write the WWII song it made me realize I couldn’t keep those twins apart any longer.  

—M.B., Herman Logsdon’s daughter


brothers at home
The Logsdon Twins at Fort Worden, Port Townsend, WA
The Logsdon twins, reunited

This project was made possible by support from the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Northwest and Dungeness Courte/Northwest Care.

WWII Homecoming Song Lyrics

On the way over in WWII
with my twin brother in the Marines
I went all over

Shipped out again to the Phillipines
Africa, China, Korea, Japan ¬– South Pacific
The war got over ¬– We came back home

Both alive

The big day is when the ship comes home
We fly to Hawai’i to meet the ship

Wives have been waiting
Children waiting, Families waiting

Seventeen months in one stretch
I don’t want to go over again

The big day is when the ship comes home
We wait on the dock to meet the ship

Family together, Celebrating
Home on the front porch ¬– Big orange soda
and some moonshine

Home Again
Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

© 2009 Composing Together Works. Words and music by elders of Dungeness Courte, family members, and staff with Judith-Kate Friedman, Paula Lalish, Andrew Wheatley, Matt Sircely, and Keeth Monta Apgar of Songwriting Works. A project of Songwriting Works in conjunction with Arts Northwest and the Olympic Area Agency on Aging with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. From the forthcoming album “Life’s a Song”, release date: Spring 2016.