Month: October 2015

10/30, “Tossed Salad” Radio Show with Phil Andrus Feature’s SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman!

10/30, “Tossed Salad” Radio Show with Phil Andrus Feature’s SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman!

On Friday, October 30th, at 2:45 (pacific) SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman will join KPTZ’s Phil Andrus on his radio variety show Tossed Salad to discuss SW projects and, in the spirit of KPTZ’s fall fund drive, the power of public radio. She’ll follow that up by playing a few live songs!

This show continues a monthly series where Judith-Kate and Phil will talk about the power of song, near and far…

 Tune in at 2:45pm (pacific) at 91.9 fm or listen to the live stream online at!


Out On The Water

Do you remember that favorite childhood swimming hole, ocean, or stream that called you to explore and peaked your sense of discovery? Is there a view of the water that brings you peace or stirs a melody in your memory’s ear?
For elders at Life Care Center of Port Townsend, all of whom had moderate to advancing memory loss, the view of Kah Tai lagoon was a daily inspiration. Its gentle waters and the voices of seagulls brought to mind memories of life in Port Townsend and other seaport towns. Participants shared stories and gave all the images and much of the melody for the original song “Out on the Water,” which they composed in collaboration with SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman.

It all happened in two hours one summer afternoon on the kind of day that beckons a soul to go out and enjoy the air and nature’s simple pleasures.

“This song was literally a watershed project (no pun intended!), as it set a new standard for service in the Songwriting Works process,” SW director Judith-Kate notes. “Prior to this session, SW workshops–whether with people living with Alzheimer’s or with any group–had been shorter: usually 45 to 60 minutes. When Arts to Elders asked for a two hour session we discovered that two hours gave everyone room for more creativity and, as we soon learned, cognitive magic!”

Of the nine people in the group only a few had verbally participated for the first full hour. Then, in the second hour, even the two who had appeared entirely unengaged, joined in. Soon single words and images began sparking between all in the group. Spoken phrases became longer and conversation really got rolling.

“We even had to resolve a narrative conflict as one person’s preference for boating with the radio turned up met another’s need for peace and quiet!” Friedman remembers. Fortunately, lyric writing allows all opinions to be part of the bigger story and both stories were incorporating into the song’s second verse.

Two-hour sessions are now SW’s standard with all populations, for people with and without memory loss, to find their way into the musical adventure of collaborative songwriting. “Brain researchers have commented that those with impaired cognition may need twice as long to process what is happening” says Friedman. “We sell people short when we don’t give each other, our brains, and our creativity the amount of time and space necessary for meaningful expression to emerge.” 

“Out on the Water” was written as part of a month-long Arts to Elders songwriting project with support from Northwind Arts Center.  Thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts and all Life’s a Song kickstarter supporters for making the recording possible.

“Out on the Water”

Out on the water

Cool, clear water

‘Round about this time

Seagulls are gathering for dinner


Out on the water

Cool, clear water

I’m happy

To see the seagulls fly


On the water, water            Cool, clear water

Water, water                       Cool, clear water


Out on the water

Cool, clear water

In my sailboat

With the radio on


Out on the water

Cool, clear water

Peaceful and soothing

We enjoy the quiet


On the water, water   Cool, clear water

On the water, water   Cool, clear water

(repeat chorus)

© 2007, 2013 (p), 2016 Composing Together Works and Judith-Kate Friedman (BMI)

Words and music by elders of Life Care Center (formerly Kai Tai) in Port Townsend, WA with Judith-Kate Friedman (facilitator).
All rights reserved. One of 13 songs on the forthcoming album, “Life’s a Song.”

Lead vocals: Judith-Kate Friedman and Keeth Monta Apgar
Harmony vocals: Matt Sircely, Anke Summerhill
Guitars: Judith-Kate Friedman, Keeth Monta Apgar
Mandolin: Matt Sircely
Dobro: Orville Johnson
Producer: Orville Johnson