Month: May 2016

5/17 SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman Presented at the Washington State Nonprofit Conference!

On Tuesday, May 17th, SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman was honored to be among a distinguished set of presenters at the annual Washington State Nonprofits Conference where over 700 nonprofit and community leaders will come together to listen, learn, and explore ways that “human centered design can connect, transform programs, and advance causes.”

One of 21 other workshops, aimed at sparking creativity and enhancing skills at the conference, Judith-Kate’s Music as Innovation, Participation as Leadership, explored what the arts, improvisation, and neuroscience can teach us about restoration, empowerment, healing and collective transformation.

In an effort to help non-profit organizations solve social problems and enhance well-being for individuals, families, and entire neighborhoods, this workshop went beyond considering music’s common uses to address how community leaders can:

  1. Apply lessons from the field of creativity and cognition to achieve organizational missions and visions
  2. Integrate and use music more intentionally to support successful outcomes

Attendees were introduced to Songwriting Works’ 8 Principles of Creative Engagement – access, inclusion, originality, authenticity, respect, reciprocity, restoration and celebration – and be invited to explore hands-on the application of these principles to their real life situations and goals as non-profit leaders. Judith-Kate shared case studies and results from projects based upon the premise that all individuals – and the collective – are inherently intelligent, creative and musical. Facilitation methods that integrate consensus process, creative inquiry, improvisation, story sharing and participant leadership were also explored.

To learn more about the conference, click here.  

4/24, Re-airing of Judith-Kate Friedman’s “Songs from the Sound” Segment on “Tossed Salad” with Phil Andrus

4/24, Re-airing of Judith-Kate Friedman’s “Songs from the Sound” Segment on “Tossed Salad” with Phil Andrus

Don’t miss a “second tossing” repeat of last Friday’s “Songs from the Sound” radio show where SW’s Judith-Kate Friedman joined KPTZ’s Phil Andrus to discuss the power of song, near and far…Tune in Tuesday night (5/24) from 10:00pm-11:00pm (pacific) at 91.9 fm or listen to the live stream online at!

On the segment, Judith-Kate spoke about and shared songs that can change our lives, expand our thinking and stretch our imagination of what’s sonically, artistically, and socially possible. She followed that up with a report from last week’s Washington Nonprofits Conference, where she was honored to present her workshop on “Music as Innovation, Participation as Leadership: What the Arts, Improvisation, and Neuroscience can Teach us about Restoration, Empowerment, Healing and Collective transformation.”

Towards the end of the segment, she performed a few songs from the forthcoming Life’s a Song album. Tune in tonight for all of this and more!