Month: July 2016

7/21-9/1, Summer MusicTeams in Port Townsend and Chimacum

7/21-9/1, Summer MusicTeams in Port Townsend and Chimacum

Three distinct MusicTeams™ series are taking place between July 21 and August 18, giving music lovers of all ages opportunities to collaborate together. In each series they’ll enter a “failure-free zone” where they’ll gain music and leadership skills, practice SW’s 8 Principles of Creative Engagement (see below), and make original music with each other and their neighbors. While they’re at it, they’ll also build new friendships, spark new neural connections and discover “science factoids” about music’s power to boost the immune system, increase brain and body health, transform emotions and spark creativity. Friedman and SW teammate Keeth Monta Apgar of the Harmonica Pocket will co-facilitate. See below for dates and details.

Everyone is Invited to Play

Songwriting Works, the Boiler Room, and the Jefferson County YMCA are eager to bring the power of music learning and improvisation to music lovers of all ages, abilities, and health situations. No prior skills are required. The Boiler Room sessions are free of charge and financial assistance is available for the YMCA series.

So, what can people expect at each of this Summer’s MusicTeams™ series?

“By embracing the idea that everyone has musical intelligence, we’ll give everybody the opportunity to be on a level playing field of creative exploration,” says Friedman. “Studies show that step-by-step mastery of a subject boosts immune system response and creativity, so we’ll start with musical stepping stones, using our voices and instruments to find a common language of sound and rhythm. Building from there, we’ll listen and jam together, using call and response, and solo and ensemble experiments in melody and harmony. The process is very improvisational, yet inclusive and fun!”

MusicTeams™ 2016 Details  

In Series #1 at the Boiler Room (Free. 4 Thursdays: 7/21, 7/28, 8/11, 8/18 from 4:30-6:30pm) each MusicTeam workshop session builds upon the previous one, although everyone is welcome at any time. During the first session of the series, 5 participants (ages 12 to 72) talked about music’s role in their lives and joined in vocal warm-ups, musical improvisation games and more. Those who are inspired to share what they’ve learned in between sessions will become “musical instigators.” They’ll bring music to someone 10 to 30 years older or younger than themselves and receive additional mentoring in musical leadership. No registration required. For more information, contact Amy Howard at the Boiler Room,, (360) 379-8247.

SERIES #2 August 8-12
MusicTeams™ with Songwriting Works at the YMCA
This series is a 5-day musical adventure held as part of the Jefferson County YMCA’s Summer Day Camp for children, ages 5-12. MusicTeams™ sessions are in the afternoon (1-4 p.m.), August 8-12.

SERIES #3 August 9-10
This 2-day adventure is for 3rd-7th graders and takes place at the YMCA in Chimacum. August 9-10. 10am-noon.

For Series #1 and #2, participants must register through the Jefferson County YMCA For more information, contact the YMCA office on the Mountain View Commons campus (360-385-5811) or online at Scholarships are available for the YMCA series.

Community musicians are encouraged to join as musical mentors in all three series. To sign up to become a volunteer mentor or assist SW’s SongTeam, email or call SW at or 360.385.1160 by July 25.

The MusicTeams Summer Series will culminate on September 1st at 7 p.m. with a community celebration and participant performance as part of the Boiler Room’s open mic. Save the date!

To sign up to become a volunteer mentor or assist SW’s SongTeam, email or call SW at or 360.385.1160 by July 25.