In Memorium

We honor and thank

all those who have worked, played, sang and created with Songwriting Works

and all who have supported our work from behind the scenes these 26 years (and counting).  

Although no longer with us in person,

their voices, visions, laughter and stories carry on.  

Rosie Lee Allina  ·  Olivia Aull  ·  Lillian Belcher 

Jacqueline Ben Eliezer  ·  Daniel Ben Hayim  ·  Betty Cohn

Dr. Gene Cohen, M.D.  ·  Fredya Epstein  ·  Shulamis Levin Friedman

Ed Gershman  ·  Irv and Betty Ginsberg  ·  Birdie Gintzler

Ida Greenwald  ·  Irving Grossman  ·  Leah Hammer

Gladys Devorah Jonah  ·  Sally Isaac  ·  Bessie Jacobs

Cora Latz  ·  Hannah (Channie) Levin  ·  Herman Logsdon

Ethel May Love  ·  Andy Mackie  ·  Frances Marder

Christopher Martin  ·  Tede Matthews  ·  Isabelle Maynard

Lillian Michel  ·  Yaffa Miller  ·  Erna Neubauer

Daniel Okin  ·  Anna Paris  ·  Irving Peace

Etta Perkins  ·  Robert Rice  · Carl Rosenberg

Ben Siegel· Max Shor  ·  Berk Snow  ·  Jeanette Van Oss 

Esther Weintraub  ·  Ruth Wendell  ·  Julian White

and so many more…

Shulamis Levin Friedman
Mary Lee Lightfoot (photo: Aikya Param)
Maxine Hirschel
Isabelle Maynard (photo: Stu Kandell)
Birdie Gintzler (photo: Nathan Friedkin)