Our Programs

Restoring Joy, Hope, Health and Community Through Song 

Songwriting Works™ supports vitality for people age 60+ and enlivens daily life for youth, elders, families and communities by engaging them together in creative music-making.


  • Design interactive workshops and events facilitated by professional songwriters
  • Enhance the creative confidence and cultural competence of staff and participants
  • Train professional and family care partners in using music with their clients and loved ones
  • Compose original songs in collaboration with people 60+ across the health and memory spectrum
  • Restore dignity and give voice to those living with memory loss and other health challenges
  • Celebrate the vitality of aging well through music and the arts


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Innovative Training
  • Memorable Keynotes
  • Artist-in-Residencies
  • Public Performances
  • Community Workshops

“I just never thought this was possible for me in my lifetime.”

Songwriting participant, age 87

“Everybody felt they were a part of the program for the day. It was very good for us. Better than pills!”

C.G., age 89

As a direct result of the Songwriting Works™ program our residents who were not verbal prior to this program continue to have a voice in our community. Caregivers learn new ways of listening and accepting their input and most importantly, families are able to share laughter and joy again.

Kathy Burrer, Administrator Emeritus, Dungeness Courte Memory Care