Community MusicTeams™


MusicTeammates having a blast!

Neighbors age 20-80+ learn how to become ‘musical instigators’ who deliver music to those who need it most.

In a series of fun-filled, “failure-free” sessions, younger and older join together to learn musical and leadership skills, practice SW’s 8 Principles of Creative Engagement (below) and get tips from brain and health science about the power of music-making. By immersing participants in rhythm, melody, harmony and lyric writing, SW’s professional facilitators reveal how these elements have been shown to strengthen individual and collective well-being, boost creativity and happiness, and break down barriers of age, culture, and ability.

In addition to their own learning, “MusicTeamMates” make a commitment to become volunteer “musical instigators” and “ambassadors” in their families and communities. After each session, they go out to share what they’ve learned with a friend, neighbor or family member ten to twenty (or more) years younger or older than themselves. At the next MusicTeam session they report on their experience, receive on-going mentoring and continue building music-based leadership skills, confidence and friendships. In this popular program, which spun off from SW’s Signature Songwriting workshops, TeamMates become a support network for one another – an intergenerational cohort bringing musical vitality and vibrancy to their community. The focus is to enliven one’s own life and serve those in greatest need of understanding, respect, and joy. Students may also earn service-learning credit.

“We sang and played as way of learning. And that’s my way of learning. I find myself singing when I walk the dogs now instead of just doing a little rhythm. I find myself noticing things. This afternoon I found myself sharing two songs with the boys…I don’t think I would have done that before. And I’m writing about this missing link of singing. I can bring words to what I call the street corner – anytime anywhere – and if I love something I can speak, but I “could” not ever go so far as to dare sing…. I sing quite often now. I’m practicing. I had a dream that I was singing everything and that’s never happened before…I’m doing my homework. You may not be alive when I finish my homework but I will, and I’m 71!”

-Maureen Piper, Music Teammate