Research Publication: This Thing Called Music

In her book chapter “Recording the Life Review: A Case Study from the Medical Humanities,” Theresa Allison, MD, PhD – physician, geriatrician, ethnomusicologist – tells the story of a musical journey for a whole community. Read about how making an album of their own original songs gave a new voice to elders, average age 87, living at the Jewish Home of San Francisco.

This Thing Called Music is a festschrift celebrating the work of renowned ethnomusicologist Bruno Nettl. Dr. Allison’s chapter, “Recording the Life Review,” is Chapter 1. Read it online by clicking here.

The Singers & Songwriters of the Jewish Home debuted their album of collectively composed original songs  “Island on a Hill” at the San Francisco International Film Festival, where a documentary about the making of their album premiered.

Hear and purchase the album

View the song “Chanukah Tonight” from Nathan Friedkin’s award-winning documentary “A ‘Specially Wonderful Affair.”

Research Publication: This Thing Called Music