Health Through Song

In its mission to restore joy, hope, health and community through song, Songwriting Works™ offers trainings in best practices, customized for health professionals, artists, families and advocates serving people aged 60+. Trainees learn to apply Songwriting Works’ 8 Principles of Creative Engagement (below) in community, care, and home settings. Participants acquire the skills to use songwriting to:

Teamwork at OlyCap Encore, Port Angeles, WA

• Increase joy and communication
• Forge friendships
• Lift spirits and self-esteem
• Reduce isolation and depression
• Transcend chronic pain
• Restore dignity
• Dissolve stigmas about aging
• Spark new neural connections
• Bridge diverse cultural/faith traditions
• Give voice to communities
• Occasion celebration
• Delight audiences of all ages

Songwriting Works’ approach is research-vetted and internationally recognized as a model of innovation in Intergenerational Community Engagement, Creative Aging, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiving. Each training emphasizes inclusion, creative expression and empowerment for care partners. Training hosts include small and larger agencies, businesses, schools, care facilities, non-profit organizations and researchers in brain health and creativity.