Intergenerational Program Design


All ages songwriting connects youth with their parents and grandparents in new and profound ways.

Elders rise to the occasion and brim with pride and purpose when given the chance to write music, perform and swap stories and songs together with younger generations, including those two, four, six and even ten times younger than themselves!

Join Songwriting Works™ in the adventure of bridging age and culture gaps, deepening awareness, compassion and understanding, and bringing history to life through intergenerational songwriting and musical exploration.

SW’s Signature Songwriting programs give everyone an equal voice regardless of age, education, ability or prior experience.

SW’s Community MusicTeams teach volunteers ages 14 to 90+ musical leadership skills, the health and brain fitness benefits of music-making, and how to “instigate” music with loved ones and friends using Songwriting Works™ 8 Principles of Creative Engagement*.

From life-long learning to early childhood education, music making has been shown to awaken communication for those with Alzheimer’s, Autism, Parkinson’s, PTSD and other health conditions.

Music increases neural (brain) activity and, when begun in early childhood, helps develop greater brain, learning, and memory capacity throughout one’s later life.

Learn and hear more about Songwriting Works™ interactive intergenerational music programs on our Song Gallery.

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