Music Facilitator Certification

SW Facilitators: Judith Kate Friedman, Matt Sircely, Paula Lalish, and Keeth Monta Apgar

SongwritingWorks™ offers opportunities for musicians of all ages, backgrounds, musical genres and skill levels. Hands-on and long-distance learning workshops, trainings and individual coaching provide musicians with new and innovative approaches to engaging their creative muse and deepening service to their communities.

Songwriting Works’ 220-hour facilitator training gives performing songwriters a comprehensive background in engaging people age 60+ across the health and cognitive spectrum. Expert faculty address the ‘nuts and bolts’ of facilitation, composition, improvisation, collective songwriting, musical leadership and performance.

Interested in becoming a certified Songwriting Works’ facilitator? 
Musicians, Music Therapists, and Music Educators with strong composing, performance and teaching backgrounds are eligible to apply. Internships and volunteer opportunities in care and community settings are also available.

For more information on training or volunteering, contact us.

“Through my experience as a facilitator in training, I have already witnessed the impact Songwriting Works has made on a regional level. I have seen painful edges softened between a father with dementia and his daughter as they co-create together. I have witnessed women in their 90s revitalized by the participatory process of writing a song about cooking in the kitchen!”

-Keeth Monta Apgar, SW facilitator, on his first month in SW’s certification program